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Eco Fence Cape, Your Specialist Fencing Contractors in Cape Town

Eco Fence Cape specialises in the installation of perimeter security solutions such as Betafence, ClearVu, palisade, vibracrete, wire mesh, wooden fencing, gates, electric fences and spikes.

We are owner-operated and pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time and personal service. Manufacture and production timings are efficiently managed to ensure that you receive the product of your choice installed with minimum delay. Eco Fence Cape’s ability to tailor-make your product selection to your specifications ensures that we can find both a stylish and budget friendly solution to all your perimeter security requirements.

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Why you need physical security barriers in the Cape?

With security being top of mind within the South African psyche, physical security measures that are designed to deny unauthorised access, as well as protect your property and loved ones from damage or harm, are especially important.

Multiple layers of interdependent systems secure your property; however, we should never expect barriers to stop a motivated intruder. To deter and delay entry is the main objective for physical barriers to ensure that you and your property remain safe from harm.

Define the perimeter of your property, provide a level of effort for intruders and create planned delay by installing fences, walls, electric fencing, spikes and razor wire, acting as the outermost layer of your security system.

We at Eco Fence Cape believe that an effective first line of defence is the first step in creating a secure environment. This is in conjunction with other systems such as natural defence, security lighting, alarms, sensors, surveillance and active involvement in Neighbourhood Watch activities.


Eco Fence Cape can supply, erect or repair all types of fencing in Cape Town and surrounds.
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Companies We Dig …

Jansen, Old Loco Project

“Angela, Jeremy and team,
Thank you for your personal attention to assure that the job is to my satisfaction. I am very pleased that the fence and gate was erected quickly and professionally. Please convey my gratitude to your team.”

Chantelle, Plattekloof Glenn

“I must compliment you – my parents could not stop mentioning how nice it was to work with your guys as well as how neat everything was. My dad is a tough critic so well done on that.”

Raziyah Johnston, EMG.

“Arriving into EMG this morning and the fence and plants look amazing. It’s a brilliant new look. Stephen has just returned from Johannesburg, and while he is very disappointed that we have had to take such drastic measures to secure the premises, he agrees that the job is excellent. The white posts help make it look less industrial.”

Michelle, Cape Town.

“Thank you so much for the work that was done and for sticking it out when I know it was not easy. Mom and I are thrilled with the work that was done and for being able to retain the original wall (such as it is). We wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and all the very best for you and your business. ”

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